You! Yes you!

You! Yes you!

Dear You.

“I believe your words and I love how it sounds.”

You had that phrase in your mind at the moment you heard your loved one told you some sweety-sweety-pick-up lines right at your face in a very romantic place with just you and him/her together holding hands and your head in his/her shoulder. Nice. Very nice, right? So heart-pounding. So ENCHANTING.

HAHA. However, haven’t it crossed your mind if those words are really sincere? Are those words true and from the heart? WILL THOSE WORDS LAST? NO. You have been carried away with that crazy feeling of being so inlove and it makes you feel that everything is special and so perfect.

And time came where your world suddenly crashed. You felt that emptiness inside you. Something is missing. And that is that someone I have been referring who speaks sweety-sweety lines. That someone who made you feel that you are the most exceptional person in the whole wide universe. That made you woke up early just to check your phone and read that “Good morning, I love you” message. That made your thoughts constantly drift towards this person no matter what you’re doing.

And suddenly everything changes, when that person LEFT.

Years passed and it made you a different person. And up to now, nothing is changed. Though the person is long gone, yet the memories still remained.

I’ll be directly to the point I wanted to share with YOU. The next time you hear some dreamy and fanciful lines. Listen to it. Just listen. And never, ever believe it until its proven by actions. You know words are really powerful and don’t let it overpower you. So bear this in mind:

“I don’t believe you, but I love how it sounds.”

Just love how it is being expressed but don’t trust easily. Trust is being earned. Let your trust be expensive that people should exert effort first before you believe and finally trust them.



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